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Abstract Desert


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With a penchant for dark subject matter and a subversive flow Jinx mainlines his verse into the listeners subconscious.  

Jinx AKA Solomon AKA Anthony was born in November 1994 in North Platte, Nebraska. In 2013 he left his previous life behind and started new in Lincoln.

Experiencing familial strife Jinx wrote his first 3 interconnected albums in 2016. Jinx and his brother Cryptic-X teamed up in 2019 to record and release Black (2020), Sanguine (2021) and Gold (2022).

Cryptic-X and Jinx would go on to form enemyX in 2021 and made a name through cypher communities. 

In December 2019 Jinx would found Killing Field Records with his brother Cryptic-X.

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