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They Are Ghost

Get to know Ghost

Ghost is a California-raised gender non-conforming artist, born in July 1991 in Riverside California. Learning from the greats, Ghost started honing their storytelling abilities in high school.

When Ghost decided to make a YouTube channel and start rapping they were heavily inspired by Logic, who opened up Ghost’s eyes to the fact that peace, love, and positivity could make money in the rap game.


Ghost has crafted themselves into a Swiss army knife of flows, easily able to go from a hard-hitting rap verse to a melodic hook.

A Champion for mental health, Ghost’s lyrics speak about their struggle with their mental health and the darkness it brings, while trying to spread the message of positivity and acceptance. As a parent Ghost’s Children are a big inspiration for their music, much of what Ghost talks about is what they want to see change in the future for their kids.

In 2021, Ghost met Lincoln, Nebraska-based rapper Jinx and his Brother, Producer Cryptic-X, in TapDaddy's Discord server and immediately hit it off with both of them. 7 months later Ghost took a flight out to Lincoln and founded Killing Field Records with Jinx and Cryptic-X while recording their first EP at Killing Field Records' studio. Not showing any signs of slowing down, Ghost made a big move in April 2022 and moved from California to Lincoln, Nebraska to run the label.

On August 7th, 2022 Ghost released their first studio album "Ghost Stories" featuring a beat from Cryptic-X on the opening track.  

Get to know Ghost

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