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Gold is the third Studio Album recorded by KFR's own Jinx.

Cryptic-X is the lead Engineer, Producer, and CEO here at KFR. He also moonlights as a swag drenched rapper from time to time. The incredible audio quality at KFR is the result of Cryptic's special sauce.

Never being pigeon holed, Nebraska's own Cryptic-X easily weaves narratives through noise to project the perfect mood.

Born Bryan Jenkins in 1983, growing up in North Platte, Nebraska. His first foray into audio came after spending time in music forums. In 2002 Cryptic-X received some beats from a user on to hone his skills with. Working on cracked versions of Cakewalk and Sony's ACID, Cryptic-X crafted his first mixtape "Style X". Some say if you scour the internet long enough or go through some rural Nebraska basements you may still find a copy of the original "Style X".

Now residing in Lincoln, Nebraska Cryptic-X is absorbed in his craft. Mixing and producing full time.

In 2021 he made the hip-hop duo enemyX with his brother Jinx.

In March 2022 He founded Killing Field Records with his brother Jinx and theyAreGhost

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