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KFR Killing Field Records CEO Cryptic-X AKA Bryan Jenkins

Bryan "Cryptic-X" Jenkins

Mixing and Mastering engineer with 16 x iTunes charts

I'm the CEO of Killing Field Records, an independent record label in Lincoln, Nebraska. I graduated college with my Audio Engineering certificate from Full Sail University in 2021 and started freelance mixing from then on. I mainly work on Hip-Hop but I have some credits in Metal and R&B as well. I've mixed and mastered big artists such as Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, and Dizzy Wright. I produce, Mix, and Master in Logic Pro despite being certified in Pro Tools due to workflow-related reasons. I mix and master in the Killing Field Records studio in a completely sound-treated control room.

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theyAreGhost's Cover for Miami Freestyle Featuring Rick Ross
Miami Freestyle (Ft. Rick Ross)theyAreGhost, Rick Ross
00:00 / 01:59

This is a collaberation between Killing Field Records artist theyAreGhost and Rick Ross.  I mixed and mastered the whole track including Ross' vocals.

How We Chop (Ft. Sean Kingston)Squash, Sean Kingston
00:00 / 01:59

This track features Sean Kingston.  Squash hired me from an external platform and sent me this song to mix, lots of autotune and melodic vocals. This track has been on the iTunes charts 11 times since March 2023. 

Squash How We Chop ft Sean Kingston

This track is from an artist named Captain VIII from central Nebraska.  I mixed and mastered this track and tracked Jinx's vocals as well.

Sober (Ft. Jinx)Captain VIII
00:00 / 03:42
Captain VIII's Cover art for Sober Featuring Jinx

I Mixed and Mastered Ghost's whole debut album in 2022.  This is the opening track and is the only track on the project that I produced.

Nice to Meet YoutheyAreGhost
00:00 / 02:04
00:00 / 02:20

This is the intro track to my brother Jinx's third album.  I Produced mix and mastered this track.

Jinx Cover art for his album Gold

This track is unique in the fact that it used to have a different instrumental backing to it.  In early 2023 we had to change the track and in less than 4 hours we had a completely new instrumental.  Guitars were played in live as well as the bass by my little brother "Stage Right", and I programmed the drum track.  I've included the original version and the new version, both mixed and mastered by me.

Dark Places (Original Version)theyAreGhost
00:00 / 02:14
Dark Places (New Version)theyAreGhost
00:00 / 02:13
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